Riding on maui


Hey Hawaii 5.0, ever done WOWIE, I mean Maui on yer scooter? Aren’t there a road called da puff the magic dragon?

How’s the surf over there – bet ya don’t know Robbie Nash? Him and me are BUDS. Best Badminton player in the world.

By the way, doe’s it ever NUKE over dar? Better rush than Mount Rushmore. Those Trade winds must blow you all over the road on the coast. Summer’s the worst – I mean the best.
Howzit Hank, I just did a long reply and deleted it by mistake...hahaha

Anyway there are a few busa's on several islands. Of course Honolulu has the most of all sportbikes cuz allmost 1 million population allready. Check out :

( I know this girl she's cool but not a hard rider. The local news recently interviewed her and the club she rides with.)


( some of these guys come over here every year cuz we definately have the finest rides in the state, no question.)

Maui is nice but too crowded. And they dont have the roads we have on the big Island. Honolulu has a lot of sportbike people now but too many cops. When I was there last month a guy on an R1 did an awesome stand up wheelie right in front of my rent a car for about a 1/4 mile. When I caught up with him at Starbucks he said he is a Jet pilot and has a ton of tickets allready... hahaha.

As for surf stars I know a few personally but not Nash.

Do the trade winds blow you aroung on the Busa? Maybe it's not a problem inland, away from the coastal areas.
They're called trade winds but that is just the normal northeast winds that bring pleasant temps and an occasional shower. They do blow avg about 10-20 mph but even those winds can blow harder when funneled like on Maui between 2 moutains and result is 10-20 in some places and 25-40 gusts in other spots. And when the trades hit 15 -30 gusts on Maui or here in Kau or Kohala hit 50 + and needless to say at the beach you can get sand blasted... no kidding we've been chased off the beach before. And I dont like riding in those stiff cross winds just like anywhere else in the world.