Second fun bike ideas?


Been thinking of getting a second bike for fun to keep the miles down on the Busa. Looking for a nice bike cheap (around $1,000), want a bigger bike (750cc+). Been looking on Ebay for some ideas. Good 60’s and 70’s bikes are over $1,000. Seems like early to mid 80’s are the best value for the money. Harleys and BMW’s cost too much, don’t want a two stoke or a “needs some tender loving careâ€￾, ya, right. What do you think is a good old ride, maybe an early VFR, FJR or Wing?


Hi Hank..put 40k miles on a 900 ninja....maybe find one cheap,dunno?? ..excellent second bike.....but since the busa..
don't mind puttin' miles on will last the rest of my life i hope....and can be rebuilt..if needed........1660 cc kit LOL..ceramic bearings like gixx1300,turbo like the motorhead..
...on and on.....i am fifty now..busa makes me feel 25...
I have found the fountain of youth..HORSEPOWER!!!!



I agree, there are times when I don't want the HP cause its begging to be used all the time. I go crazy on the freeway when traffic is going under 75. Faster folks please. I nice old BMW 600 (naked bike) would be fun on the back roads for the slow mode cause it just don't go. I could get a plate that say's my other vehicle is a BUSA! Or as you say, an old Ninja would be fun as I could crack the throttle all the time. I can't do that on the Busa cause I'm not willing to take the chances.
Prefect today, sunny and 60, time to ride.


I'ld say get you an older cruiser, something like and older V-star 1100. That way you can customize it in the future if you decide to and no one will ever note what year it is..

Not to mention, the V-star is a great ride at a great price and may be my 2nd bike in the future. I just can't justify owning a harley other than the being a part of the cliche.
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