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OK OK I'm playing but I am still pretty sure this makes will make it faster, 210-215MPH easy... :tounge:

I got tired of that damn mudflap outback but still haven't decided on an undertail. I also wanted to keep my stock rear signals until I get some sort of replacement.

So, Here we go... Took about 2 hours to find my freaking safety glasses. About 6 minutes to make the initial cut and about 30 minutes to clean the edges, I think it turned out pretty well. Sort of an in between step till I decide what to do.
And a few shots of the after...I think it turned out pretty well for Free...
A closeup...I tried to really keep a flowing line around the rear, I have seen a lot of hacked up rear ends, wanted this to be cleaner. At least until I commit to something more permanant.
I did mone the same way but used the old holes for the reflectors to mount my new blinkers. I then went to home depot and bought a sheet of sheet metal and made a licence plate bracket. I don't think it tuned out to bad at all.

Thanks for the pics Rev...I'll get my husband right on doing that tomorrow!  :D

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Looks good Rev.
The only reason I haven't tried something like that is because I hate getting that Streak of gunk up the rear of my gear when it rains. I'd really like to find a rear fender that mounts to the swingarm and moves with it.
Schweet cut there Rev! I love the curve you put in it. I really, REALLY need to cut mine.
Looks good Rev, I was just looking at mine yesterday, thinking the same thoughts. You beat me to it! :super:
Thanks for the positive feedback all.

Soundy Ricey? What? I can allready feel the extra power!!! :laugh:

The key to getting both sides perfectly even was using a sheet of cardstock to create a template, then a grease pencil to give me a line to follow, flip template over from one side to the other. Used a dremel with a cut off wheel for the initial cut, (Like Butter). Then followed behind with sanding wheel, then a fine cut metal file and some 220 grit.

I had been real hesitant to alter any of the Stock parts, but after watching stock rear fenders being won on ebay for $200, and the fact that I plan on never selling her it would be OK to cut on the original parts. I spent four years at CSU in a Fine Arts metalsmithing program, but plastic is a pretty unfamiliar medium, I just didn't want to make anything worse... So I am taking Lil steps.

Give me a little bit here and I'll give you an after without the plate...

Oh and this is a public forum, so I try to keep the amount of personal information to a minimum. Your license plate is the key to a lot of personal information if someone is so inclined... Just not a good idea...