Rectifier Relocating Bracket

Singingchris t

Does anyone know where I can purchase a rectifier relocating bracket for an 2008?
I'm looking for the bracket that mounts the rectifier under the right side of the tail.
Has anyone come across any problems from relocating it?

No problem relocating it...but when I took it in for the rectifier recall the dealership charged me for the repair since it was relocated.

Kick myself in the Ass for accepting that but at the time I had a lot of friends working there that treated me well, they just had a new shop manager that did me wrong. I haven't been back to that shop for a while now.

If I had known he was going to charge me money after the fact I'd have told him to kiss it and install it myself so they don't get paid twice.

(His excuse was it took them longer since they had to loosen the tail section).
Outlaw that's same deal I ran into. I called and explained to them situation when I made appt.
What we agreed upon was that I would loosen tail, spread and lift it in parking lot and then they rolled it in and did the work. I left out all bolts except the two lower ones and rode there with it loose. Did the work in five minutes and they did theirs. Saved me $25.
I guess the thing that got under my skin was I stayed back there with the mechanic the entire time and discussed the entire work situation with him with no issue.

The install fees did not come up until after completion when the new shop manager finds out it was under the tail and must have taken a few extra minutes.

It never even occurred to me there may be an extra cost to this but guess I was mistaken and should have thought about the move before hand. Not a big deal but big enough to P me off a bit since it came up after the fact and lose some of my future business.