Extended Swingarms on 08's Question


I've got my new swing arm on and the underbracing hits the little bracket that holds the regulator rectifier (eletric thingy that gives off heat... wired to underside of bike) and it either needs to be modifed to fit, or i've been told they sell a small bracket to relocate this device under the tail section. Adams Performance makes one but it is going to take two weeks to get it... does anybody have any other solutions or know of another place to get this part? My bike is unfunctionable till I get it fixed... and i want to ride now!!
Cabling is long enough that it can be easily relocated to shifter side of rear subframe with minimal modification. Bolt hole already there.
call adams performace , 20 bucks and you get a super cln easy to mount relocation bracket under the rear tail its really nice and alot easier to buy then fabricate,
what he said^