Rear (Hand) Brake Control for 03 Busa


I ride a 2003 Busa and recently had both my knees replaced. As a result of this surgery I can't place my feet on stock foot pegs. I have installed highway pegs and handle bar controlled electric shifter. I was thinking that maybe I can "T" off my front brake line which would also engage my rear brake when I use my front hand brake. Can anyone tell me if this will work and maybe sell me the necessary parts to tap into my front brake line.
I'm no brake expert, but I don't think the stock master cylinder will displace enough fluid to work both brakes. I never touch my rear brake anyway. Jury's out on whether or not that's a good idea. =)

You might try looking online somewhere that makes parts for stunt bikes. They run hand rear brakes a lot for when riding wheelies while sitting on the tank.
No redline is right I have seen rear brake hand setups 4 sale I just can't remember which site?? It was a stuntbike website, they sold crash cages, wheelie bars, and those rear hand brakes 4 riding wheelies on the tank etc. The hardware is definitely out there. All I can say is Google.... :whistle:
Its not wise to tie the front and rear brake together via tapping into the front brake system. The brakes are linked together in a number of more cruiser oriented bikes such as the Honda VFR and Kawasaki's Concours. If you've ever looked at a linked system under the cowling it's no simple system.

All professional stunters use a rear hand brake. Its a second lever on the clutch side and it's tied directly to the rear master cylinder. There are multiple sites where you can buy such aftermarket stunting trick stuff. Check out "". It's a forum for stunters and I'm sure you can find anything you need for a rear hand brake on this forum.
Stunt bike parts . I tought about the same thing when I had a dream I lost my leg but still wanted to ride .
You need a GP Thumb brake master cylinder.
It will mount under your clutch lever
Some say rear brakes are rarely used...but I use mine more then the front... There is a lot of loose gravel out and about in this country area. I feel more comfortable on the rear break then the front at some of these intersections.
How about if I just give you kevlar soles for your shoes so you can alternate dragging a foot? LOL.... jk....:laugh:

I have seen this done several different ways, the most comon of which is a dedicated lever for the right hand for the rear brake. I will see what I can dig up as far as pictures or websites. I have a friend in Bealton, VA who might make something for you. He is one of the better persons in the area for fab and design.

I like Gixer's idea too.

PS: Proper braking is about 80-20. 80% front, 20% rear, in my humble opinion.

Totally not disagreeing with your statement. Just out here in the sticks they put gravel everywhere. Almost every intersection has loose gravel in it if you are on the main road. If I am somewhere I know is good and clean roads, I use the front brake the majority of the time.

PS: Proper braking is about 80-20. 80% front, 20% rear, in my humble opinion.

Call Galfer USA at 800-685-6633

Always good to talk to the experts. Plus they can custom make you brake lines.