racing license?


Hey! You know about the racing license, I was just wondering how you actually get it. Do you just pay the around $300 its worth are do you actually have to show some kind of riding skills? Is the license part of a particular club are is it a standard racing license which everyone 1st gets and later chooses a race league and gets other licenses what not.
Since no one else is stepping up here, I'll give it a shot. Before smacking me down, realize I've only been on a track ONCE for a 2 session freebie. But did a buncha reading before it.
Seems to me like the order is something like this:
1) intro track sessions [$]
2) earn skillz to get into beginner level courses [$$]
3) pass beginners and get a beginners license [$$]
4) enter intermediate level riding course [$$]
5) pass intermediate and get an Immed License [$$]
6) enter advanced sessions [now you know everything and go pretty fast] now you spend money on track days, tires, replacement parts, medical bills [$$$$$$$$$$$$$$]
7) get the advanced license or certificate whatever
8) now if you are in the top 5% you might find sponsorship and be good enough to maybe lick the Alpinestars boots clean of professionals you see on TV, IF you pay them enough and sleep with thier homely sister

Goto some racing classes websites and they should be able to tell you all you want to know.
I am going to Schwantz next week and upon successful completion, I will receive either WERA or CCS Novice license.
Oracle, you will either be placed in “Provisional Noviceâ€￾, “Noviceâ€￾ or “Expertâ€￾ according to your lap(s) time. like how long does it take you to complete 10 laps, I suggest doing some track days at the track your taking your class at, so your lap times will be quicker, that way you have a better chance qualifying as an expert and not stuck for an entire season as a Novice or Provisional. either way if you kick ass you can still race the championship, take the booty and kiss the brella girls! good luck!
Crash Dude,

Get a copy of Roadracing World magazine or go to their website. They have a listing with schedules of every major race school in the country.

CCS has a deal with Learning Curves. Great school!! Its relatively cheap (use your own bike) and a great experience.

Even if you're not going to race, race school is a STONE BLAST. I've raced for years (I do Supermotard now, its a hoot). If I can do it, anyone can. It can be dangerous and expensive, but you do not have spend a fortune unless you want to, and if you're not willing to accept some risk, drive a Buick instead of a Busa. The racetrack is wayyyyy safer than the street, anyway.

The track is the ONLY place where you can let it all hang out on a fast bike--

And then you find out just how much better the bike is than you are--cuz really, these bikes can do WAYYYYY more than almost any rider.

Go to school, Crash, get the license and go racing

BUT DON"T RACE THE "BUSA. Get an Kawasaki EX500 or an SV650 for a racebike. Or get a dirbike, pike some road tires on it, and race Supermotard!
kewl ill check out the site. thx all of u guys again for the help. would be really hard without u and this site.

as far as for bike..yea im defently thinking of getting an sv650 when i save up enough money.

gl all l8r for now

One other thing. There's always a ton of used race bikes for sale. Some of them look great but with clapped out motors (end of season blues).

Used racebikes should be much cheaper than a used streetbike -- unless they're really trick and with a fresh motor.

One or two seasons and the motor definitiely needs a rebuild.

So, you can find a lot of race bike bargains--but bring a compression tester. Again, Roadracing World has a classified section.

Have a ball.