Penalties for missing license plate?


Got a quick question, I bought a cheap tag bracket for my license plate and at some point yesterday or today it broke off (hopefully not into someone's windshield). My license plate is missing and i'm at work with a rather long commute to get home. The question is that if I get pulled over, what kind of penalty would I face? Is it simple, like a fine (hopefully no points) or is it something where they wont let me drive it home and i have to get it towed? My license and insurance are both good and I have no points on my license. Thanks for any info. This is in Delaware if that makes a difference.


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Probably at the descretion of the officer. If you explain it was on there when you went to work then say look the bracket broke , as long as you have current registration handy along with proof of insurance he probably will let you off with a warning (verbal or written).

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play dumb and call it in stolen.

or so i've heard...:whistle:
I too have heard this, but technically since I didn't see it fall I have to assume it was taken. only logical, it was there now it isn't some one took it an the bracket.:whistle: and I got the replacement tag for 5 bucks with the case #
I too have heard this, but technically since I didn't see it fall I have to assume it was taken. only logical, it was there now it isn't some one took it an the bracket.:whistle: and I got the replacement tag for 5 bucks with the case #
pretty sure that if it is stolen here, they replace it for free.

Mine used to fall off..

I figured IF I got stopped I would have to go back and look for it...:laugh:


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Just call report it lost... From the Delaware DMV site:

"If your license plate is stolen, what do I do?
The first thing to do is report the theft to the police. You can order a duplicate plate at any DMV facility. A duplicate plate with validation sticker costs $6.00. You can order the same plate number as what was stolen, but we recommend getting a new plate number since the person that stole your plate may be using it on their vehicle. To order a new plate number, we need your title and proof of insurance. If you have a lien on the vehicle, DMV has a form to request the title from the lien holder. While your plate is on order, DMV will provide you with a temporary tag."
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