mechanic school???


okay guys im planning to get certification for motorcycle repair. i was attending college but i decided to put it down for now and try to get a motorcycle repair license 1st. so far the research that iv done is that most of the schools that offer this are a 9month program and cost around $3k. im planning to get this license and work as a mechanical helper and go to school as well. i wanna be jap bike certified r mainly suzuki so i can atleast fix my busa lol...i live in boca raton florida...if you know of any good programs r school that are a good deal plz let me know...r ur opinions on what i should do. im 19 so i still have some time hehe..

my goals r to learn bikes atleast as good as the back of my head than race them on a race track and maybe one day have a high performance shop in which i can do bike tunning and custom paint jobs. r work for suzuki on new model designs.