Questions about stands


After buffing and polishing for a couple of hours I have decided to get a stand for the busa. I hear that Pitbull's are the best, is this correct? I see that they have a "New" stand that picks the bike from the steering stem, does this work on the busa, and is it a good idea to get? I'm not really worried about the price since its a good investment(IMO). Any input would be appreciated,

Also, How bout a front wheel chock for my trailer? I think this one looks better than the Pitbull......

Wheel chock
I dunno about the others, or the Front Pit Bull, But I friggen love my rear PitBull Stand. Picked it up last weekend, Sturdy as hell. I now park it on the rear stand in fact, so much more stable than the side stand. There is no Flex, No Wiggle, and has a real quality feel to it. Maybe pricey (Double Suzuki's) But I think it is worth every penny... I love it...
PitBull rear, I have the one that flips from spools to non-spooled. I have a Pingel wheel chock for the trailer. Its o.k., needs to be a little wider, as its tricky to not have a rotor touch. But the PitBull rocks!
Pit Bulls are the shtuff! I just got mine and used them yesterday for an oil change. In my opinion they're as essential as a helmet! I accidentally ordered the Forklift when I meant to order the Newfront. The Newfront looks like it'd hold the bike a bit more securely and it would allow fork maintainance and wheel removal. I'm gonna buy a Newfront to replace my Forklift soon.

I don't know about any other brand but the Pit Bull stands are built like tanks. They make all the others I've seen in bike dealerships look thin and weak. Highly recommended!!!
I have the Pit Bull SS Rear Stand and i love it. You can use it with or without spools. I use mine with the spools. I ordered the spools from Pit Bull also. Total with shipping $166.00 a great investment.
Hey.....shouldn't we get a bird-dog fee for these recommendations.........I think Pitbull should up some money to us........hehehehehe
Hey techbum, you ain't gettin' your kickback check from Pit Bull? I'm gettin' mine. You'd better call and make sure they have your mailing address right. ;)
My Suzuki front and rear stands work fine for me.  I paid $180 for both from my dealer.  The Bike Grab($150) is used for a wheel choke when I put my Busa in the back of my Tundra. It comes with front and rear plates for both front and back tires. I have it bolted to the ground now for the rear tire of my VTX...keeps it upright and more secure.

I have a Lockhart Philips rear stand, no spools.

Pingel chock in the truck bed.
Pit Bull front and rear. Looked at several and decided these were the best for the dollars.......
I have a few stands around....DON'T buy the Lockhart Phillips front stand , the one that goes into the bottom of the tripple tree . It comes with 4 adapters to fit all kinds of bikes which is cool and suits my needs....BUT , you need to be EXTREMELY carefull when using it on the Busa . Only use it on completely level ground , etc etc . There is a really good chance you can remove some paint from yer front fender .

have a good 1......RSD.
I have a side stand, it works until I can talk the wife into lettin me get the PitBulls