Problem with fuel pump fuse


Hi guys need some info on , why is my busa burning my fuel pump fuse ? What must I check , it was ok , then one day it burnt my fuse , I changed it and after tree days it burned it again , it had an alarm and I disconnected it about 2 months ago , it had led rear indicators and I disconnected them as we'll . Can the indicator lines make a problem ? I think the last guy had parallel wires for the indicators .. Thanks appreciate any help .. I am from a small town in Greece and we don't have any good technicians for these kind of bikes here ...
If the previous owner modified the wiring I would start looking there. Without knowing what year bike and looking at the electrical schematics it's hard to help, but there's a fuel pump relay in the circuit.
I think those use a 5 or 10 amp fuse? Anyways are you using a quality fuse? Some off brand fuses burn open at less amps then rated for. On the flip side some don't burn open at all.

After verifying that, if it's got some miles on it, and has sat for periods the pump it's self is probably going bad. When electric motors start going bad their internal resistance goes up. That being said it will require more amperage to keep it operating how it should.

Hope that helps.
Found the problem thank you guys for the help :-) it was the pump it had one wire pinched betwin two pieces , someone hade opened it before me and fixed some problem it had , and didn't screw it right and screwed the wire together .. It seams He was in a hurry ,,, I will try put a photo