2011 Busa Blowing Turn Signal Fuses?

ky busa

my busa blew 3 fuses today every time i used my turn signals and caused my instrument panel to stop working tach ,speedo, fuel ,temp, mileage just the clock worked put new fuse in everything worked again tried to use signal same thing again it wont blow fuses if the engine is not running (just leave key on) start engine use signal blows fuse every time and for some reason high beam bulb is out high beam indicator works but no high beam just low(47000 miles)
Anything changed lately, wrecked, added anything ??? Changed bulbs? hows it stored ? Do you store it for long periods ?
Sounds like you got a wire rubbed through or a hot ground short in the switch or wiring somewhere. Start tracing wires from the ignition to the switch.