Speedometer Wiring Question


Can someone help to point out what is the easiest way to access below speedometer wiring without removing the front fairing altogether?
I need to tap both light green and black turn signal indicators for my self-canceling signal mod. Would removing the body cowling cover underneath the headlight enough to unplug the socket connected to the speedometer?

Gray wire - Speedo illumination leds
Black / white - ground for lights and LED's
Black / Red - from / to speed sensor
Pink - From / to speed sensor
Yellow / Blue - from / to ECM
Blue / Green - From / to ECM
Black / white - from to Speed sensor and ground.
Blue / light green - to fuel level sensor
red / black - to fuse #2, + 12volts
light green - turn indicator led, right turn
orange / green - to fuse #5 , +12volts
black - turn indicator led, left turn
gray / yellow - to oil pressure switch
yellow - high beam indicator
blue black - to fuse box and neutral indicator led

There are two ways to get to those wires. First and esiest is to get into the inner panel on the left of the bike. There should be enough room if you don't have club hands. The other way is to just remove the two inners and remove the guage display. Then unplug the display and pull the wires back towards the fuses. Should be all you need. Hope this helps... :beerchug:
just remove the front piece. It is very easy to remove and replace
All is well now. The self canceling turn signal mod took longer and much wire cutting than what I anticipated. Thank you both!