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Can we all post our favorite places to ride.
Mine's called the Duffy Lake RD.
It's just after Whistler B.C. between Pemberton and Lilloet.
It's nothin but hills, corners, mountains, and views, and I've yet to see a cop.
I like a section of Hwy 129 here in Georgia. It's got two-lane twisties going uphill over several mountains. You can really let fly on this section. Got to watch for the law though.
Up around Sailorville lake is where all the bikes go when the weather gets friendly here in Des Moines, IA, USA.

But, people in the know find the GOOD stuff. And I am working on a website for local bikers displaying mapblast images of the good hilly twisties. When I get a digicam, I'll post pics. Not ALL of Iowa is flat. >
Sand Canyon
Spunky Canyon
Boquet Canyon
Well...I live in Canyon Country...
Here's Sand Canyon:

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Then after that you go right into this:

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Damn Big O!!! You live in the coolest place on the planet!

For me it is Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains... Only 'cause I don't go to far.
Mt ST Helens/ Windy Ridge run. there two parts to the mountain 1 and 2. best run hands down in the Northwest.
Bah! My buddy just pointed out that if I made a website for places to ride in Iowa, the police might use it for speed traps. :p
RT. 27 in South Florida & I-75 the Alley
100 in VT. through the Green Mountains
169 in Connecticut twists and rolls
and a slow but senic ride to the Keys from largo to Key West.
US 400 from Wichita, KS to Joplin, MO.........great super 2 lane with passing lanes, some small climbs and great scenery for Kansas...........
Went to Texas Hill Country over Memorial Day weekend. Really nice riding.

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