Post up your favorite action Photo!


Track Coach / TufPoodle Coach
It's been a little quiet around here of late. Spring has arrived and we are seeing more sunny days which means more days for choosing our favorite past time.

So let's have a little spring fun with your favorite action photos! Below is a couple of mine.

The first photo is among my favorites of me and the infamous GregBob enjoying some fun track time together.

The second is a student rider I took for a ride recently. After two laps she was ready for the fun to end. No fast laps but it was faster than she had ever experienced. She was gracious and thankful but ready to get her feet back on stable ground.

The last photo is just for fun!

Post up your favorite action pics!

6-7-10 PIR 21++.jpg

SteveO GregBbob T9 PDX 2010.jpg

Ann Fairchild 2up .jpg
Damn Blanca, a woman with a weapon. How do you ever expect her to get a date? :dunno: