Please help me find some custom plastic.


Hey y’all,

Just an update on my insurance nightmare. I think (god I hope so) they are going to total the bike. This means that I can “fixâ€￾ it the way I want. Please help.

I have seen really tricked out plastic in pictures but when I try and search a come up empty. I’m probably going to keep the front plastic stock (aftermarket ABS) but would really like to change the rear.

All I seem to find are huggers and fender eliminators. I KNOW that there has to be an option other than replacing the factory rear and installing a “fender eliminatorâ€￾. Does anyone know where I can get any really “customâ€￾ rear?

A side note what do you think about blue base coat with flames (not sure of what color flames yet, any ideas)?

Thanks, Chris
Hmmm all i've seen is the undertail mods as far as shop and go goes. I think anything else would have to be fabricated or handcrafted.