Planning to upgrade to brembo Calipers.......

Kinda confused myself. If it fits the R1/R6 then it will work for Gen 2 busa also.
Complete it with a good set of rotors and you will crap your pants on how well the brakes work after all that.
Banjo is in a different location as well as angle.
But i also added caliper brackets and 108mm Brembo HP calipers.
As for the line you are better off long than short.
Damn GIXERHP.....thats some I need new lines also? and also a reservoir? I am just doing the brake.....and the lines would need to be longer?? Why is that?
I already have galfer braided any particular length or any diff banjo type required?
I just put Brembo M4 monoblock 108mm calipers on mine. I got them at Power-Barn for $795. I also have an RCS19 radial master cylinder with Galfer brake lines along with Galfer wave rotors. The Brembo banjo bolt thread pitch is 1.00 instead of the stock 1.25. My braking performance is outstanding and a night and day difference than the stock setup. It cost me a little less than $2000 for everything.
Pads are what you prefer,, the pads that come with the Brembo calipers are HH quality.

I have the Brembo HP calipers, and i am very happy with the pads that came with the rotors, they are if my is memory is correct correct FA244.
Here is a pic of the Hp calipers, and Hp rotors, really good stopping is NOT CHEAP!

IMG_0442 (Small).JPG

IMG_0443 (Small).JPG
Also all the Hardware is up graded to Titanium, on the brakes on the lower forks