help lads brembo caliper kit for 08 busa fitted

hello just bought the brembo front caliper kit for my 2011 plate busa. i fitted them yesterday with the bolts and spacers they came with there seems to be a gap about 4 mm between the caliper and braket is this normal . or has brembo sent me the wrong spacers

yes mate i sent them a picture . they have got back and told me which ever dummy fitted the calipers were fools as they did not take the spacers out of the bracket on the fork before fitting the calipers lol

just got a few things done over the winter . wheels powder coated braded hoses . brembos brisk plugs k/n filters all done for second service black screen new mirrors racing fual cap new decals still to fit the candy red mesh to fairing


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You bought BremBo brakes off ebay? Some lad in Italy takes your order and sends it in about 10 days?

Are you absolutely certain they aren't Chinese knockoffs?

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