Pipe Dreams


I have been told by more than one person that Muzzy gives a better fit, and more power than the Micron and HMF single High mount exhausts that I am considering.

Please, any and all thoughts are welcome. The Muzzy's price can't be beat, but I like the cosmetics of the other two alot better. However, I am willing to sacrifice looks if either the HMF or Micron are going to give me fitment headaches and/or lousy performance.

Thanks in advance. :beerchug:
I know some aftermarket full systems will melt the lower fairing because the pipes aren't in the exact same place as stock.. someone else will have to input which these are and what ways you can avoid this (heat shield/wrapping/adjust fairing brackets)
hawk, check with the manufacturer but if you go with ss instead of ti you should wrap the pipes and they sell a heat shield (sticky back) for inside your fairings. btw i have the micron full system and love the sound, power output with pair mod, tre, pwrcommander, 165hp/101 lbs. installed myself but you must do the pair mod at the same time as to avoid backfiring with a full system.
Micron all the way. Best fit and finish of any I have ever seen (and I have used many different brands myself), plus they sound awesome. Muzzy's are louder in general but not made as well. Keep in mind too that Micron is the only company that does not rivet or bolt the cans to the endcaps. The cans are not structural to the inner baffle rings and endcaps. What I mean here is that the can is free floating and there are no rivets to rattle loose or break and it looks cleaner. Not to mention the enormous number of color options regardless of ss/ti/carbon. Also their top-end headers are hydroformed in molds (not bent) and as such fit perfectly. Can't go wrong.

I have heard stories about HMF being very poor fit but I like the look of the dual exit highmounts. Either way wrap your headers to make sure you do not melt your fairings. Why take a chance to find out, wrap first.
I just put a Muzzy stainless system with alum can on my bike...Wow what a difference a pipe makes...I love the look and it was a perfect fit...I didn't do the pair mod and have no regrets...Bought my system from Parts 411 $499.00...If your interested in Muzzy Cache has a full Ti system I believe he is about to sell...Check with him... ;)