Pierce Nebraska Lambrecht Auto Auction: What a JOKE!


So for the last few months I have been reading information about this auction of unsold cars from the Lambrecht Chevrolet dealership located in Pierce NE. Well,, I and the wife spent the better part of today there, and I reached the conclusion that you don't need to be smart to have a pile of disposable cash. Who pays this kind of money for non-running junk??? I don't care if the cars have never been titled and are being sold as "new cars". The only thing I saw at the auction was a bunch of over priced, rusted out, dented, non-running, outside stored, junk.
None of the cars ran and having sat for all those years I'll bet that most of them never will (at least not without a total rebuilt). The rusted/dented bodies are going to be the least of the buyers worries, the inside of the engines, transmissions and rear axles are going to be full of rust.

Check out this page for the winning bids from day one, the high $$$ for the day was a 1958 Chev. Cameo pickup @ $140,000, caved in roof and broken windshield included for free!

Somebody going to regret this one in the morning! Stored outside since new and advertised by the auctioneer as new... LOL

A 1982 Chevrolet Chevette for $5,500 are people insane?

A 1977 C10 for $11,500 there is nothing special about this truck!

Rant over...
Great story. Must be what jacked up the value of the cars I guess. A 1982 chevette all rusted out with a non-running motor for $5500 needs some kind of a story behind it to bring that kind of money.
I dont care if its a Lambrecht 82 Chevy Chevette its not worth $5,500. People lose their minds at car auctions.
Yes it was an ok story, that was part of the reason I went to the auction. However the condition of all the cars was horrible. The very few that were stored inside could be made into drivers with enough $$$$$. Haven't look at today's auction results yet but Saturday 1 bidder bought 153 lots totaling over $1.4 million. I guess it takes 2 idiots to run the prices so high.
I live about 10 miles from the sale site. Ray was an idiot. His daughter is an apple that did not fall far from that tree. There was a son, never did hear from him. Ray wanted to crush all the cars, that is when the daughter declared him incompetent, and took over. We all have tried to buy these cars for 40 years. He would not sell anything. All the kids use to hop the fence and go sit in those cars and drink beer. Before the mice ruined them. I heard the bill for tearing out the trees to get to the cars was $100,000. They thought it was too high and refused to pay it. What I have been hearing is most just wanted the matching numbers for the dash, motor and transmission. I thought that was illegal to switch serial numbers? I guess it is more common then I thought. So much for buying cars with matching numbers. I have a picture of that 1969 Chevelle with a tree on it. That is what caved the roof in. That lady was advertising it as a snow load. That was the best job of marketing I have ever seen. Unbelievable waste!
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