Phatty Fest 240 or Bigger (DC, MD & VA)

Ok, so I rarely get to ride with guys that have 240s, 300s, 330s, etc… There are a lot of members in the DMV that have PHAT tire kits. Why don’t we all get together and ride. That would be a sight to see. I’m open to ideas on a meeting location and a ride. All ideas welcome. Let’s make this happen.


Weather looks great and now thinking about riding the MULLET in. Ill check this in the morning to see if any meet place. Will be leaving home buy 10 at the latest...that put me in Tysons are by 11 and at MIR by 1 due to some stops. Cant ride the MULLET at 80mph tach 5G for to long staight that far. Everything starts to go to sleep.:laugh:
Alright...IM in Riding all the way. Leaving house at 10:00. SHould be coming around beltway to Bradock exit for my 1st stop an stretch around 11:15 ish. I will pm SKINN and Wood. Hope some more Fatties or BUsa want to meet up too.

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