Busa radio! Tunes to go


I have gotten into the habit of listening to music while I ride and unwind. However recently I received a “Warning†not to use headphones in my helmet, it was “against the lawâ€. Well it seems that a change in tactics was needed. I didn’t know that the general public needed to hear what I was listening to…well I have corrected my error. Now, I’m Legal. (Unless I get hassled by the “50 foot ordinanceâ€â€¦F’um.) Chris

Yes, It does add about 7 lbs of weight to the bike, but it’s all right I’m on a diet. he he.



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Wow, I am surprised the generator on the Bus can handle that amp... do you have a sub-woofer on that bad boy?


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Is that for real? I am Laughing my ass off on that one. That is so funny.


Yes it's for real. The amp is the smallest one I found that would work. No battery drain at all. It's quick detachable so when you feel the need just clip it on and plug it up. The radio even gets TV and weather band, very useful for long rides. I can hear it up to about 90-100mph without much distortion.

Plus I get the added bonus of "sharing" my music with the rich elderly golfer northern transplants that are sucking the life out of this area. (my apologies to yankee golfing busa riders.) Just my usual rant. Chris

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I have a chatter box and I run my music through that. Actually I don't listen to music when I ride but I do listen to my radar detector and I run that through my chatterbox. Best of luck with that invention.

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In MD, it is illegal to run with stereo headphones... But, you can have a mono plug in.

Of course it is legal to ride with ear plugs in??? Whatever.

I prefer earplugs over music anyway... I can concentrate a little better and don't have ringing ears first thing in the morning @ work (I ride 55 miles in).


I have stock cans and no real plans to "upgrade" anytime in the near future. It would probably be very difficulty to hear with a set of D&D's or Muzzys, might be possible with the yosh cans as long as you wern't going into warp.

No not water proof just "resistant". Haven't ridden in rain with it yet. Probably won't use it in the rain do to my need for 100% concentration on slick stuff. Chris

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