PC3 question


How do I make adjustments by hand without software? PC3 USB has 3 buttons. My 02 is mapped for akropovic full exhaust and aftermarket filter but needs slight tweaks. Any advice?
with key off hold all 3 buttons down then turn key on...2 light bars will be on from there you need to hold button down to richin or tap it to lean it out.... this is a very Primitive adjustment ...same as jetting a carb...your better off downloading the software and making your changes where you need them...
There's no way I would make an attempt at tuning that way. Unless you got access to a dyno or @ least a wideband with some data logged how do you know for sure?? your better off leaving well enough alone :whistle:
Well, I downloaded the map for both the EU model with full akra system and US model with full akra. Still a little jumpy at idle with both. Was hoping to clean up the jump by adjusting the pc. Any ideas?
Busa will just about always be a little jumpy down low,nature of the beast. My Gen I is almost mint,but it took an' hour on the dyno.

...and with what squale said,my busa needs to be running,to make adjustments.

I'm trying to get rid of that jumpy surge at low idle whether I'm idling or just riding around at low rpms/using engine braking.

Tried first with the PC3, then added a TRE and it's still there. It's not the end of the world, but seems to be a tweak that can be fixed relatively easily.