PC3R Maps


I have a 2006 Limited Edition Busa with a full high mount HMF exhaust and need a map for a PC3R. HELP!!! I have searched everywhere for maps for my pc3r and all i can find is maps for the pc3 usb. Does anyone have any advice or can help? It would be greatly appreciated... Thanks.
How is the bike running? I know a lot of gen 1's with full exhaust system's running without power commanders. I put a yoshi pipe on my gen2 and had a flat spot at 3000 rpm and a member gave me a map using ECU editor that fixed it.Hopefully someone will chime in.
It runs great until you hit 90mph in any gear above 3rd, it feels like it ran out of juice.lol. Once you get above that it's wide open and runs great!
They are the same maps if your know how to load them. ALL PC maps except PC2 maps are the same. Because all PC are the same.