Looking for Zero map...PC3r

Quicker Gixxer

I recently bought a 2004 but didn't get a map with it, the guy lost it in a computer crash. It's running a serial power commander (PC3r) and from what I'm reading...I need to upload a Zero map before I can pull or view the map that's currently loaded. I've got the software and the cable...when I fire it up..there are no values in the map...and when I try to do a "Get All" it says file is not compatible so I guess loading a zero map 1st might be the answer...I'm hoping.

I'm pretty sure I have the right software (Power Commander Control Center For PC3...and I am able to connect with my serial to USB cable...just can't get the map.

If you have this map...or the software that you know works with the PC3r...any help would be appreciated. Thanks..
Success.... I emailed DynoJet and they sent me the map I need to upload. It's not supported on the web page....but they still have it in house.