Overheating the Busa

flying swan

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Hi Gang,
I need to know if anyone has had their Busa over heat on them while moving in slow traffic for about 20 minutes..or should I say sitting in traffic. I've changed the therostat already..it kicks in when I should the kill switch. Anyone have any ideas?
Hey Swan,
check the info I left in this same forum. It should be in the post titled "Uh Oh Overheating".................Ks
I've heard of guys using a honda fan switch which has a lower setting than stock but I was to cheap and wired a switch into the system so I can run it at will as long as I choose. Works well because you can anticipate instead of waiting till its to late. I positioned the switch in the tail section on the left side in the cut out just cut through the black plastic and it is invisible and protected. I ride in the rain all the time and have had no problems for 2 seasons.
You could add a Muzzy replacement Fan. I have heard that it makes a difference. My Busa has only gotten hot on me once. As much as I hated to do it I pulled on the shoulder and passed about ten cars. That was enough to get the temp back down for about 10-15mins then I had to do it again. Traffic finally broke and all was happy again.
Hey Swan,

You might try wrapping your exhaust headers in ceramic heat tape (sometimes called header tape). It keeps the heat in the pipes and won't allow those red hot pipes to radiate heat into the oil cooler and radiator. I did this when I switched over to the Akrapovic race exhaust. I wrapped each of the 4 down tubes with tape to the bottom bend. Now I can't get the coolant temperature above the center line on the gauge. I have a stock fan and temp switch. The tape costs about 15-25 dollars at an automotive speed shop. The down side is that the tape is coated with an oily film that smokes off for a while. It does eventually stop burning however. A couple of long rides will do it. The first time it looks like the bike is torching, so do it away from people who like to give you a bad time. You can touch the tape with the engine running and hot without burning your finger. You can hold your finger there too. It feels a little warm. So all the heat goes out the back and not up into the radiators, airbox and gas tank.
I guy at myrtle beach told me that you can get the fan of a 95 750 Gixxer and mount it on the right side of the busa radiator, and you'll never have to worry about overheating again. I'm going to try it as soon as i can get the fan.
Thanks gang..I've got a list of things and will bring it to my mechanics. Thanks ks-waterbug...great ideas to start from. I'll definitely write everything down. Gotta get this problem fixed..it's scary having this big beast overheat.