Oops..... lol


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I unloaded the bike drove it a 1/4 mile down the road and back, turned around and

Doing 40 in a 30 thru a residental area. Was polite about things and walked away with just a liscense check.. Whew...
I was coming home last night and made a right turn off of one street onto another, the speed limit was 35mph and I had her up to 50mph indicated before I reached third gear. Something I saw in my side view mirror made me hold the throttle there, the cruiser pulled up even with me and as much as I tried not to I could'nt help but glance over. The officer on the passenger side was looking at the Busa smiling and said to his partner " He saw us" and then they just accelerated off!!:laugh:
so you were speeding, and they accelerated away with no lights and sirens? I thought police officers were supposed to obey traffic laws when not running lights and sirens...


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Good for you, Florida cops are not usually so nice to sport bikers....:thumbsup:
Yeah but i believe the FL cops deal with some really silly sportbikers who have given the sportbike community a bad name an rep to say the least.. Kinda negated all the charity rides we used to do for charities.. How often did you see the stunters shut down a highway by taking up all the travel lanes so their buddies go ride wheelies down the highway:banghead: Well you don't see them as often as you used with the new penalties I will say that:rofl: Just need to get rid of the tag violation part an I be ok:laugh:


I always make it a point of trying to get eye contact with any patrol car and waving to the bike cops, I think I would have waved to a patrol car that was right next to me.....
Not trying to be rude to them but just letting them know, that I know they are there.

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