One way cool weekend commin up,should be a BLAST...CHECK THIS OUT


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Golden Child is commin up for a visit. cool.
We are doing some part swappin'. COOL.
We may get to drive these. WAY COOL.

There is a company,an hour north of me that makes cars with HAYABUSA POWER PLANTS. This builder and I share the same dyno. Golden Child provides his motors.

Turn up your speakers and check 'em out.....

Super 7 Cars Incorporated - Cars

Cant believe nobody checked out this thead....:moon:

These cars are awesome.

O'well...hopefully no rain. Pics and video if it all works out. :thumbsup:

We are sitting in the port waiting to catch the ferry.. It's absolutely beautiful in

even though it's drizzling rain at the moment..

The excitement is building for a trip to Chemainus to roll this car before it's loaded in a trailer and shipped to Australia...I got all kinds of video gear so we will have evidence...See Ya Soon....I hope my past speeding tickets aren't a canadian violation,lol...I'll tell them I ride a Hayabusa, Sorry :rofl:
You guys have fun, can't wait for the pictures.

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what?? you came right past me and didn't say anything ! Have fun those look like a blast ! I wanna ride in a T-Rex too
what?? you came right past me and didn't say anything ! Have fun those look like a blast ! I wanna ride in a T-Rex too

He went the other way Frisbee,came across at Port Angeles because of that bridge out on I-5. This way is a shorter distance aswell. After we had some lunch him and the missus split for up-island to visit his buddy at Super 7 cars. I stayed behind to deal with my harley and to put the front end back on my Busa. I was also super excited to start the install of all my new mods that GC brought me.:thumbsup:

I meet a guy today, I have talked with for years and never seen face to face. We made some trade deals but never a worry about it not working out. Lol, if you ever cross canada border never tell agent you never met the guy you meeting or don't have hotel reserved.....Guilty.....I have to say today was way to cool, and have to thank RSD and the house mouse for the hospitality..We are friends for life, see ya for dinner tomorrow...

I got up to see cars and see my friend/customer Dave. What a hoot for a 70 year old mad scientist guy, I meet via a post on the net. I have known him almost 12 years and he surprises me with his knowledge each time....

He had a new car he just built and I got the first run of it....These cars are INSANE.....Don't listen to my comments, i'm just having fun...I left my one camera cord at home but got some stuff for you to check out on my phone..

You have to see some of the cars he just has sitting around in storage for customers, must be nice...











This was a cool car, had hydraulic steering, headlights followed steering,had 5 stages of ride height/self leveling... The brakes are hydraulic and just has a button on floor you push :rofl: to stop the car.....Self Centering Steering Wheel..



Mr. and Mrs Golden-Child are very cool peeps.

I was kinda surprised at how short GC is thou.:laugh: That bastid can't be more than six foot seven. :laugh:

He brought his leathers along so we could go for a ride,I'm tellin' ya,10,maybe 20 cows gave up their hides to make that racing suit. :rofl:

I always thought I knew something about Busa's..........NOT. Daniel has forgotten more about bikes than most of us will ever learn.

GC and his lovely wife are my new lucky charms. A dude came over to look at the harley I have for sale,I asked Daniel what he thought(I figured the buyers wife was ruining the deal) nope.Dan was right. Dude and his wife whent for a test ride,came back and plunked down a 500 dollar deposit. Come Monday,if the guy shows up with my 17 grand I guess I will have no excuses....(not that I was lookin' for any):whistle:

GoldenChild Turbo-Built Busa. :thumbsup:

Have a good 1 all...

did you buy MY turbo from Daniel? You Bastid !! He was gonna give it to me on payments! (LOL)