OK, So I was bored

I got bored tonight. Lack of funds, so no riding. Friends are all out of town, so I started cleaning. After that was done I started looking at my 58" HDTV and thought to myself,"Self, lets use the BIG TV for your monitor." So attached is a pic of my BIG monitor. The 22" monitor was getting a little small.

Anyone else do this?



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I use my 10,000$ plasma:moon:

by the way, Im a poor blok...this tv was givin to me by a customer(I do theaters for a living)


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I keep my macbook hooked up to my big screen in the bedroom and then use a wireless keyboard and mouse to use the laptop. Using picture in picture is really great this way. :)
Of course I have watched **** on it. I have the best living arrangements a married guy can have. My wife lives and works 220 miles away!!:laugh: Along with the BlueRay DVD, and my x-box 360 elite, and HD direct tv all connected via HDMI. The only thing that connects to my TV that is not HDMI is my PS2 and the computer. Both of those are component video connections.

And for any of you with a criminal mind. My apt is gaurded by a .45ACP Para 1911 3 nights a week. You guess which 3! Honestly is lives under my pillow.

The BlueRay makes things (that sometimes you dont want to be) extreamly clear! But the rest of the stuff is just fine!

I was hoping that I was not the only one here to do this. Glad others have done the same. Makes for reading the .oRg really easy!:beerchug:

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