Oil Pan


Installed a heli coil and awaiting a gasket after forgetting lefty loosy/righty tighty
. Would you all go this route or install a new pan. It will take about a week for the gasket to come in and in the mean time will test the heli coil.

There is a small slot that is blocked by the heli coil. Is this for draining purposes or something else? I have 24k on the busa I change the oil every 2k so I am not worried about the few onces of oil that would not drain.

Any after market pans out there?
heilcoil is fine.
there is after market but 500.00 is too much for a stock bike unless you like wheelies then you need it
What is so special to make it $500, Johnny? Any pics?

Is this done from time to time or am I the only dumb a$$?
Well the heli coil did not hold fluid (tested prior to replacing). The treads are as deep as the bolt itself all away around on the inside of the pan except for about a 1/4 of the way which is for drainage. I don't think that the 2 rows of threads where the opening is can seal the area for the heli coil.

I will get a new OEM one (Ron Ayers has on for $97). The one for 5 bills is a little much. Thanks.