UGH Oil Pan Stripped...


Well this the first time I'm changing the oil since I bought my used busa and when taking the bolt out, threads from the oil pan came out along with it. It look sliek ti was heli coiled but I can't tell, regardless I need a new pan. I see after market ones for $400. OUCH.. Is their anythign cheaper?? If nto how much do the stock pans from a stealership cost?

sometimes the helicoil will back out with the bolt if this is the case just get some red locktight and apply it to the threads and put it back in
Yes, retap and heli coil, or tap to a larger size. There are other options rather than the purchase of a new pan.
I appreciate all your ideas. Yeah it looks like the heli coil came right out with the bolt. Excuse me for being dumb, but would that be due to an install error or jsut something that happens. It look's like retapping it to a larger size would be the best. WOuld it jsut be best ot retap it to a slightly larger size?


Used stock pans are about $60 to $100 tyd or just retap and take the chance locktighting it....