Oil filter

Dennis Kirk is where I ordered K&N's. If your order is over $100 you don't pay shipping. I ordered 10 and sold 6. I think they are $11 or $12 each.


Watch out for after market filters!!! A friend a few years back tried to save a few dollars buying after market filters. He put the new filter on and said it got tight then like slipped and got tight again. He went for a ride two days later and on the ride he cranked on it real hard. The filter blew off when passing a car and the end result was a blown motor. God knows why he did not go down when the oil pumped out onto the ground (GSXR 1100) Turns out the threads on the filter were just a touch out of speck and the extra turn on the filter when it was put on was the filter jumping some threads. Buy only top of the line stuff for your Busa, think of oiled tires at 190 something and what it would be like....
I use the K&N filters there are supposed to be very good quality and have a nut on the end to loosen it up when trying to get off the bike . Max is right though dont try to save a couple of bucks on an oil filter the K&N is kinda expensive but my motor is worth it including the synthetic oil