oil filter

The Oracle

What manufacturer do you use for your oil filters? And, are they available online? Why is one better than another?

I have just been using the Fram. I am trying to find an online vendor.
Used to use Fram on everything...now I use OEM for whichever bike/car I'm working on because in '95 I installed a Fram that was defective and the car dumped all of it's oil in 2 seconds flat, almost lost the engine.

The Fram was a PH38A I think and did not have the last thread cut so it appeared to be seated but in fact was not.
I use the OEM Suzuki filter. $11.00 at my local dealer.To me its worth knowing I have the right filter on my Busa.
Wicks. They make some excellent filters. I get mine through O'Reilley's Auto Parts here in town. Cheaper then Suzuki filter and provide excellent protection. I use them on all of my vehicles.

This thread reminds me... whatever became of the Scotts reusable filter? Somebody on the board was going to try it out. Did it work out ok?