oil catch tank


i posted a topic here a few days ago about a major fuel injection problem but that is not the case. Apparently the older busas had an oil catch tank on them where the crank case vent is. But the manual says it was eliminated on the 2000 models. My problem is that the bike seems to be pulling enough vacum at idle to pull oil from the crank case up through the tube into the airbox therefore dumping straight to the throttle bodies. Engine oil is exactly where it is supposed to be ( just changed it yesterday) and still smokin and sputterin. I took the hose off the air box and plugged the air box rode her for about 2 miles and shes all cleared up. I have a couple of qustions# 1) should i try and find an oil catch tank from an older busa and retro fit it to my 02. # 2) what is under the breather cover is there some sort of baffle in there to prevent oil from being drawn into the airbox? Uh 1 more question how do you get the breather element out of the airbox?:super:?:super:?
It sounds to me like "blow by" :sad: .
Essentially the rings are letting compression "blow by " the cylinder over pressuring the crankcase and pushing oil out the vent and into the breather.
This is a very bad symptom of a cooked engine. Either worn out, overheated and rings stuck or warped head and the head gasket leaking and letting compression leak out into the oil galleries pressurizing the crankcase.
A couple of things to check does it do it at high speed and start spittinmg out large amount of oil/smoke? Or all of the time. All of the time, I would guess is overheated and warped or severely worn out. If just at wide open throttle then it is either starting to get worn or cylinder walls are getting "washed" either by to much oil in crankcase and oil is splashing up walls and getting by the pistons or too much fuel and gas is getting by. either way once wall is washed and fluids are getting by so is compression.
Check compression in each cylinder to begin.
You can just turn your vent into a jug of any sorts just put a PPCV valve on the end of it (holds pressure). I've done this with an old beater i was running in to the ground. But beware of bigger problems and a small re-build now will save a blown engine later.