oh here we go again

As long as we have courts that allow these cases to be heard our county will continue to circle the bowl.
So is she questioning the hot coffee or that the lid wasn't on right?
Pretty soon cups going to read....

"Contents room temperature, Heat at your own risk"
I think it's called the liberal/redneck retirement plan. What ever happened to personal responsibility? If I spill hot coffee in my lap then it was a dumbass move on my part not the cup maker, the person handing it to me, the car maker for putting the window edge too high, big industry for changing the weather patterns and causing a gust of wind that moved my arm or any other silly excuse they can come up with.
I watched the interview she gave with her ambulance chaser of a lawyer :laugh: it was such a blatant attempt at a money grab. She didn't know what she was trying to sue for?? It was funny cause the TV anchor was catching up the so-called lawyer. He asked repeatedly "You do realize that coffee is served hot right?" then the lawyer was like yes but it was too hot... So then he was asked ok so @ what point does coffe become too hot? do you have an exact temperature in mind?.....:rofl: it was too funny
This is why Tim Horton's put Caution Hot on all the cups a couple years ago. You think preventative measures would have been taken by the rest of the fast food industry...
Has anyone read up on the original McDonald's coffee case from 1994? The woman had 3rd degree burns on her legs and in between the legs covering 6% of her body and 16% of her body had lesser degree burns. She originally wanted to settle for 20k which was exactly how much her medical bills were plus time off of work as she was in the hospital for 8 days getting skin grafts. McDonald's offered her 800 dollars. She retained a lawyer and almost immediately had a no talk ordered against her because McDonald's didn't want the bad publicity which allowed the story to get out about her and favored McDonalds. After the trial she initially won 2.7 million but on the appeals that was lowered. She was also found to be at 20% fault for the accident and any winnings were reduced by 20%. She ended up settling out of court for less than 600k.

From 1982 to 1992 McDonald's had 700 reports of people burning themselves from the coffee and paid out 500,000 dollars in claims. During an internal audit before the Liebeck's case McDonald's risk manager said this was not significant enough number of people getting hurt to do anything about. To me this changed the case in my eyes. It wasn't some woman who got slightly burned by spilling a cup of coffee. This woman had some of her skin melted together. You can google the pictures if you have a strong stomach.

More info here from wikipedia:

Liebeck vs Mcdonald