Odometer went to 0


So I was riding my 2k this weekend and then odometer lost all mileage from bike and went to 0 miles. Hasnanyone ever seen this happen b4? Any suggestions would really be appreciated. O mileage was round 52k.


That kinda sucks. Id be disappointed if mine did that. I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures when i hit mileage milestones.
I guess it's ok dispite the inaccurate title now but I'm wondering what caused it? Something had to have made it wipe clean. Ugh
Stephen King movie about a possesed car. Odometer would roll backwards as she was being driven. Must watch movie if you haven't seen it.

Ahhh... 6 years before i was born that movie was released :laugh:. Ill have to look into watching it
Yes i have seen this before,

First question, do you have Hids on the bike?
Have you had any other electrical problems as of lately?
Also do you have any other electronics on the bike, and where are they mounted?
Good movie and I as well now feel old that some here don't know about that film :(
Off topic, same here, had a friend tell her Son that he sounded like a broken record because he kept saying mommie, mommie...., he asked her, what's a record? :laugh:
ya that was a great movie, kick your bike over the say show me the magic.. if it fixes itself right before your eyes your golden if not then oops:rofl::rofl:
In answer th Gixerhp I do have hids on the bike and actually the ballast is mounted to the cluster back. No other electronics on this one.