Converting odometer

not that i know of, but i sure wish there was a way to turn the miles back
I understand a dealer in Canada that sells to the US makes the change from km to mph before he ships them to the US... sounds like there might be a way.
Do any of the KM displays read in 24 hour time?

I guess I'll just have to wait until hell freezes over for the US to adopt the metric system.
Do any of the KM displays read in 24 hour time?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
my '99 reads in 12 hour only (i'm in canada)
I bought my Hayabusa in Windsor, Ontario and had speedo converted to MPH. I ask dealer what had to be done to make the odometer conversion. He said I would have to replace the ECM (Electronic Computer Module). He said it is very expensive to replace. So I figure it's cheaper to mutiply KM x .6214 = MILES!!