Speedometer/odometer not working


I bought a beautiful 99 last year and love it. However, I cannot figure out what is the problem with my speedometer/odometer. The sprocket nut is tight, I have tried 2 different sensors, but nothing. The cluster connector cleaned and plugged back in and still zip. Measuring voltage at the b/r wire I get 1.8v, and the pink signal wire 4.5v. I get no variance when turning the back wheel. Any ideas? I am curious to know what the b/r supply voltage should be?


I sure appreciate the info. I have 3 used speed sensors now thinking 2 being bad unlikely, 3 impossible. I had to order some resistors to test them right, I will wait till I get them to be sure. The cluster runs its self test properly which makes me think it is a connector or pinched wire. It seemed like an easy thing to track down, but I am feeling humbled here. I don't believe I have HID lights. It had a shift light which I removed, and has a power commander. Again, thank you for the welcome!


Well, the mystery of my speedometer has been solved by Scott at Bluegauges. I had a burned diode on the instrument cluster. I also recommend him in case of similar issues for anyone.
Do you have a website or phone number for him. I think I have the same problem


The key to my problem was there all the time, it just didn't register. The voltage going into the cluster should be same going to the sensor. Mine was 12.xx going in, but only 4.5v coming out. I told that to Scott at Bluegauges and sure enough. I beat myself for weeks on that.

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