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My friend says this is ghetto..... But my craftsman charger broke for my drill. And I had my dvom leads that happened to fit my Rc car charger...

I'll let y'all be the judge. Ghetto or not?


And the charger is fully adjustable, it is set at the correct charge rate and for these old NiCd batteries.
Well I used those batteries last night. I'm not even gonna replace that charger. They lasted longer than they have since new.
I have that same venom charger gathering dust in a closet. Thanks for posting that Ill have to start thinking about other ways to use it.
Looks creative and efficient to me! Women just dont get it:)
Check the battery and make sure it's not getting too hot. Otherwise, charge away.

A neighbor's house burned down about a year ago - after a UL listed factory charger that came with one of those kids battery driven jeeps somehow failed. I've been a little worried about leaving laptops, phones, motorcycles etc. on chargers since. You always hear about those one in million batteries that blow up. ???

They just moved back into their rebuilt house about 6 months ago...