North Carolina Riders


there seems to be more and more riders in NC, so i'm gonna try to compile a list and maybe we can plan some events next spring and maybe even get together for dinner some time over the winter
I'm not from NC, but I will be there October 25,26 to race at Laurinburg/Maxton airport. You should give it a run if you have the free time. :)
I'm in Durham... But am in Myrtle Beach quite a bit.... Big Dawg do you know the name of the copmany there that sell stretched swingarms???
You should look up Coby Adams (Adams Performance) from Mooresville . Killer Arms , top notch quality and performance. He's the guy tuning Gadsen's shoot-out ZX12 .
New Bern Nc for right now, but moving to Fl. sometime in the next month
I dont know if they have a web site but you could go to on their forums and ask Ryan Schnitz . He should know how to get a hold of Coby because he did ride for Coby on his shootout bike before switching to Kawaski .Maybe try a link to Ricky Gadsen's site ,Coby is tuning for him now .
I'll definetly be up for a ride down there . Just post up the schedule so we can all meet up there .

I'm back outta touch for a while, but in southern Raleigh/Cary area. I'm up for some good rides anytime its not butt a$$ cold outside
Right now = butt a$$ cold
but just email me if anyone wants to ride sometime.

As for the dragon, my neighbor and I are probably gonna go up there this spring (april-may)
Middlesex, right outside of Raleigh here. Any ride, to any destination, if work complies with the schedule that is. Post the Maxim Schedule, I would love to go down there to watch, if not participate
Zuk and Fireman we ought to get together one sat morning and ride down to maxton and catch the races.. I'm in durham
This is an ancient thread;however, Im a new member in the Laurinburg/Maxton area.. The Maxton mile is just around the corner....Along with the ROCK this weekend....LPS
I'm heading down to the Rock this weekend to meet up with Streaker. If you wanna meet and head down, just let me know.

Dezzy are you gonna ride down? maybe take the cars down if its cold out
<span style='color:firebrick'><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>OK those of you that need your hat for Spring time.

100 hats to go... I will buy and give the 25th order free, followed with the 55th order free and the 99 order free. you do not want to be at events with a crowd and risk not being seen by your Brother and Sister members. Let's see how fast we can get these hats on some heads. Have fun and good luck.</span></span>