New to the busa forums... riding in Virginia/North Carolina


Good evening everyone,
My name is Jamie, club name is Hennessey with the Carolina kings, riding out of Greensboro, Nc. I've had my busa for about a year or so, maybe longer. I'm starting to do some work to it, and was told I could find some great info here, as well as some riders to ask some questions to...


what's up? What kind of work you looking at doing?
As of right now., I have a set of stock rims, donated by big brother, being powdercoated candy apple red, along with the grill inserts. I'm going to do the air box mod, along with the "smog mod", and change out the 2 big velocity stacks for smaller ones. Extended to where the back tire meets the rear tail. -1 in the front, +2 in the rear. And finally install my ledglow light kit that I've have since I got her. I'll post some pics before/ after the install.


Top Gun
Do you mean to lower it?
No, not at all.
Search for
Jinkster attacks suspension.
He shows how to set sag on a gen1 Busa, which is the same principle on any sportbike.
It is setting the suspension for the rider's weight.
It makes all the difference in if a bike handles great, or not at all.
Front and rear must both be set correctly.
If one is incorrect, the other suffers.
Braking will also be improved as nose dive will be more controlled.
A stretched and/or lowered bike will be hard to get a good setting, but it can still be improved.
There is no magic setting either.
Some recomendations may get you close.
But, it's measure, adjust, check, repeat until correct, test ride, fine tune on roadside, repeat til right.


Dude, I know you are new here but never say that to Sixpack, you getting a lecture son!
Sorry... never knew that was something I could do. I do take my bike to the tail of the dragon each year, but never heard of that being talked about by other riders
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