Newest Mod to My Busa'


enzyme of hypoverbage
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Chloe Louise R.
5 pnd 8 & 1/2 ounces
18 inches

... or.. Ego's little girl whichever your prefer.

Wife says she can't go for a ride yet.. so this is as close as she's getting to the Hayabusa for a while.

Wife, and Baby are doing excellent, and I couldn't be more proud.

Congradulations Bryan
Glad everything went well, I heard she had it and had been checking email waiting on picture. Nice looking kid, you guys did good. Tim
Congrats, That is an expensive mod. Wait for the college mod. You could buy like 400 turbo kits.

I cant seem to get my wife to let my daughter crank mine. I told her that I would restrict the throttle but that didnt work.

Congratulations  But man that is a mod that I am not in a hurry to make...  I have heard that these particular modifications can also seriously reduce the amount of riding you get to do and in some extreme cases have even caused the bike to disappear completely... :D

 I think the missus and I will just keep practicing, I am not ready for the practical applications portion just yet...
This is the only Modification known to man that can empty your wallet, knows everything, throws at least one party when the family is away!, and still you wouldn't change a thing! How did my parents put up with me.................................... Great looking little one. Enjoy the most precious possesion you'll ever have! :D
Congrats ......

about the mod .....

just about free to order and takes like 9 months to get there :super:

then you have to keep paying for it although the longivity is usualy good will usualy out live you ........ some times you even get a accidental double or tripple order only order 1 and wind up with 2 or 3 ......... but you can not send them back and none of your friends will gladly take one off your hands :laugh:
Nice shootin', Tex.

I got my 'Busa AFTER my son was born, and ride quite frequently, thank you (I'm also life- and health-insured to the hilt, btw -- look into it if you haven't already).
Congrats P E ! A healthy baby is always a blessing. My son was 9lbs 6 oz when he arrived 9 years ago. Now I can't keep him away from my Busa! :tounge:
congrats PE, cute kid now if we can get captain to put out some shirts in 2-4 t ill get a couple for my kids.:cool:
:sad:   You had me excited thinking about your new kickass turbo system!!!!!!!

:D   however, the kids always get to me...

when my girl was born, that was the most defining moment in my life. :crazy: