Newbie looking for a Busa, how are they 2 up??


I just registered today. Anyway, i currently have a 2002 R6 and the thing just doesn't have near the power i am looking for. I do a lot of interstate style cruising and want a very stable and comfortable, well decently comfortable, hehe bike that has some serious balls. I have it narrowed down to 3 bikes as of right now. The R1, Gixxer 1000, or the 1300 Busa. I think i would go R1 over the gix 1000, but then there is the Busa, such a sweet looking bike and we all know it has balls. My chick likes to ride with me alot and the R6 is just terrible with a passenger as would an R1 or Gixxer 1000. How is the Busa with a passenger as supposed to the others? It looks like it would be much more comfortable as it isn't set up straight for racing. Anyone have both and rode passengers on both? Been reading the board and it seems like a sweet site. What are the differences from the 2002 to the 2003 Busa. Just asking cause my dealer has a blue and black 2002 leftover.
I have an R1(Best Friends) and a Busa(mine) in the garage right now(both '02's). My wife chose the Busa because when she sat on it she fell in love with the way it was. I have taken her on the R1 and she absolutely hated it. I take her riding on the Busa every chance we get. I do plan on getting the corbin passenger seat and backrest for her just to make her that much more comfortable. If you are looking for a bike for the BOTH of you then the Busa is definately the way to go. If it's only for you and occasionally her....then the Busa is the way to go. Gixxer 1000 is more comfortable than the R1 and Busa is more than both of them.

Welcome to the board first. The wife loves the Busa on the road very comfortable. We have done all day rides no problem. I have a buddy that has a Gixxer1000 After about a 100 miles his wife is done.
The girlfriend prefers the VTX1800 for long rides (a hundred miles or more). But less than that she likes the busa more. She likes the way the busa goes through turns better, and keeps mentioning something about engine vibration in the pillion seat that starts at about 7000rpm that she realy likes - I'm stumped on that one, though.
I think if she had a backrest she'd go on the long rides on the busa, too - that's really the only reason she likes the honda - it has a backrest for the passenger and she can relax more.

The girlfriend even decided she wants to learn to ride now, too! I picked her up an '88 Honda Interceptor VTR250 (cafe-racer type bike), and she's been having a ball on it. It's only 300 pounds, so she's comfortable learning on it. In a couple months when she's more confident and has been through the MSF course she'll probably want a bigger bike. I figure a Katana might be good for her - not too aggressive, but not a slouch either. Anyway.. the 250 isn't the best in the acceleration department, but the thing will corner like mad! I know you didn't ask any of that.. but let it motivate you. The busa is much more fun SOLO.
My wife rides with me alot...seating postion is is footpegs..mainly wind blast is an issue [Busa] A good backrest
is must for this bike..for the passenger! hmm..7000rpm? gonna have to try that...
We rode a 800+ mile ride this summer..together...more than 250 miles in a kinda tuff two still is a major sportbike..Doh'
Welcome to the board. Get the Busa you won't regret it.
Oh excellent, this is what i wanted to hear. I took my girl to look at them yesterday and she really like the bike as well. The back seat is a lot lower and closer to the driver than the say the R1 seat. Are the taillights on the Busa LED or standard bulb? I couldn't get a look at the one Busa that they had in the showroom from behind cause it was surrounded and against the wall as it was also sold. How is the Busa for a little bit of stunting, like riding out 1/4 mile wheelies? I don't stunt much, but i do like to get her on one wheel one the mood strikes me and do a few stoppies. Pretty much the only thing i am worried about right now, is that i will buy a new '03 and then next year the bike will end up being a total re-design and i will like that one so much more. Could always sell again though too, eh. This happened to me with the '02 R6, the '03 came out and was FI and sweeter looking. Thanks for the replies fellas. Hope to join the BUSA force, hehe.
The tail lights and turn signals are conventional bulbs, not LED. However there are numerous aftermarket options for relpacing the tail of the Busa with something more streamlined and with LEDs.

The Busa will wheelie with ease. A good shot of throttle will bring that front wheel up in first, second, and third gears. I'm sure stoppies are possible, but the Busa is big and heavy for a sportbike and might not do stoppies as well as your R6.

I have heard no rumors of a redesign of the Hayabusa anytime in the foreseeable future. Now that speed limits have been imposed, there is less incentive for Suzuki to spend money making major changes to the Busa. It aint broke - don't fix it.
Outerlimits, welcome to the board.
The Busa wheelies with ridiculous ease.
for the first time last night I did a 3rd gear "roll off-wack it open hard" wheellie and carried it for about 300 feet while racing some tird in a vert 67 big block Chevelle.
He pulled up to the next light beside me with his jaw down near the ground somewhere.
It was pretty cool, cuz I just stayed beside him until about 8000 rpm in 3rd then let off and wacked the throttle wide open, front end comes way up and I lost him like a bad habit.
Poor dude probably thought I had nitrous or something.
I find though that stoppies are not that easy, as they are a little on the low, heavy side, and it feels like it's hard on them when you try one, so I don't anymore.
2up is very good as far as sportbikes are concerned, way better than the R1 as it's almost the same size as your 6.
Rant, rant ,rant, I love these bikes.
Get a Busa they are the sh$#.
Sweet, i have no doubts you left that chevelle scratching his head, hehe. I don't do stoppies that often, won't kill me one bit not to do them, at least the wheelie is there. Hopefully i will finally have a bike that will beat my mustang, well maybe.
Just figured i would post the current ride, i will def. miss her though, but not for too long, hehe.

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That was my exact problem: R1 or GIX1k or Busa. I was set on R1 for sure then considered longer range comfort and pasenger comfort and the Busa won me over easily.

All 3 bieks rock HARD, but each has differences. Bus was the best overall in everything in my mind.
I just found two 2002 Hayabusa black/blue leftovers at a local dealer. They told me the price would be $1200 off the new sticker price. Does that sound right. What am i looking at for a new '03? What did you guys pay? Just don't want to go there and get ripped.
ok, here's an idea for you....
a new ZZR1200 is a really fast bike as well and it hasn't been selling as well as the dealers hoped they would. plus it's a great cruiser for all the hwy miles. check the stats in the rear of a motorcyclist to see them, last I looked the said it beat a busa, but we all know thier biases in the mag's. But seriously check it out.

Well currently the best the stang has gone was 10.5@129mph. This was with my old combo of a stock bore 302 and a vortech T-trim pushing 12#'s of booost. I am currently building one nasty combo that consists of an R302 based 331 stroker, Procharger F1-R pullied for 18#'s of boost at 6200rpm. I am dealing with Brian Tooley at Total Engine Airflow and we are looking to get 800hp the rear wheels. I'm not really into racing bikes though with the car, i would rather run a car. I don't know what it is.
 I had the same concern about a major redesign for 04, you would think it is time.  But I haven't heard anything and I bought a 2002 SE anyway so it shouldn't hurt too bad if they do redesign.  But Suzuki really seems willing to sit back and let the "Sport-Street" segment sell and sell until it slows down.  Take a look at the Katana line, almost zero changes other than cosmetics for what, like 13 years now.  I have a feeling they know they have a winner with the Busa and its distinct looks and they are loath to risk making huge changes.  I also hear that there are future restrictions coming up in 04 and 05, (rumors) besides the Blue-N-black 02 (while not the fastest color
) look sweet.  The Blue is beautiful.

My .02