Busa vs GSXR1000


I'm new to this board, and I KNOW that this topic has probably been discussed numerous times elsewhere, I just couldnt find the string.

How does the busa keep up with the 1000? I know the factors we have here are weight, gearing, rider experience, holeshot, etc. I know most of you animals have raced the 1000, how did ya do? Get spanked? did you beat it? close race? Let me know before I put some money down!

For the factors, lets assume a stock 2002 gixxer 1000, stock 2002 busa, riders have similar skill, lets discuss off the line, quarter mile, roll ons, top end, etc...

thanks guys!

stock vs. stock

1/4 mile the 1000 is faster

roll-ons the busa is faster

top end the busa is faster

That's if you plan on leaving your bike stock. (who actually does)
If you plan on building or doing Mods go with the Busa, it has a stronger motor and can take alot more abuse. It is more comfortable and carries the prestige of being the biggest baddest stock produced bike around. But if it were me making the decision I would go with what I felt would make me happy.

Good luck deciding cause they are both BAMF's
oh sheeit I've already decided, 2002 black hayabusa all day baby! I was just wanting other people's racing experiences. Busa's f00k3n ROCK!!!

Yeah, down low the 1000 will give the Busq fits...But midrange and up top the 1000 is no comparision...The Busa is simply in a class of it's on...
Yea like to see pic's. But at the grudge matches at the local track, the Busa's with the clutch mod will walk the 1000. Not by much but they will pull it.
what clutch mod? cable clutch? Let me know! I want to whip my buddies GSXR1000, I'm sick of hearing his mouth. He's usually really good off the line, he can pull me about a bike length off the line, but I want to power on and catch his ass. We'll be racing up to top speed, I just dont want him to get such a holeshot that I cant catch up at about 120. Let me know what clutch mod you're talking about, thanks!

The clutch mod is sold by Schnitz Racing.com it is a one piece clutch basket billet it takes out that clutch chatter when you first try to launch your bike, night and day differance. To do the whole thing I belive is about 250.00, probably the best mod I have done. The clutch is so much smoother.
awesome, yea this guy is one of fastest riders I've ever seen off the line. He launches so hard it's sickening. I've seen 2 people loop their bikes trying to keep up. I dont mean to brag for him, but he's incredible off the line. When he launches, I've seen his front tire stay about 2 inches off the line all the way to 3rd gear! Now that's a launch! I am hoping that the added weight the busa will help me keep the nose down, and I can charge hard out of the hole.

I'm pretty sure that if I can hang with him off the line, I'll start walking him at about 90mph. That clutch mod sounds like a hell of a mod to get. I'll put the order in for it ASAP, and let you know how it works out. Thanks for your help