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I am a new to the posting and of course the power of the Busa.  I am a newbie to riding (please don't tell me this was not the bike to start with) and I've had my busa for 1yr /1 month.

I would like to ask the experts a question.  I am on my second rear tire, which I purchased 2 months ago, and I picked up a nail in the rear tire.  My question is "is patching an option or should I eat it a get a new rear tire?
Well....THis comes up every now and then and the responses are usually mixed.  Some say have it professionally patched and your good to go.  Note the word Professionally.
 The other side says no way trash it and put on a new rear.  Patched tires are not safe...

Myself, I think I would have to replace it.  I dunno if I would ever feel good about riding on a patched tire, if I could ever trust it.  Really we're looking at about $200 if you have a fresh tire put on at a shop.  I would consider it $200 worth of peace of mind, and prolly switch it out.


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Would you want to ride on a patch at 185MPH? Or, how about in a full lean at 70MPH? How about any ride... You don't have a cage around you in the event of a blow-out.

Replace it bro. You are worth a HELL of a lot more than $160.

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I definately agree with the others. Replace it... $200 is a lot cheaper than the 200,000 in med bills if it blows....
If you do decide to replace it take it somewhere and...

LET IT SMOKE :devil:

:cool: Atleast you can say you got yo moneys worth :super:
Definitely replace the tire. Also, check the areas you are ridin' in to see if you can prevent it from happening again.
what are you stupid?:super:??
the correct way is to replace.
now there are several other ways to fix the tire.

A) a plug patch from the inside and no speed grater than 40MPH for 72 hours of riding and then no speed greater than 80MPH for the life of the tire.
That's I way I bought a Busa to go slow- :drink:

B) install a Plug/patch and then a Tube this will lower the speed rating by one so it would be a 149 mph max tire.
Of course the do not make a tube this size so that is not an option.
need a tire ??
Don't sugar coat it Johnnycheese. :D

Replace the tire. You might want to look into a road hazard warranty on the new one. Not sure if they're available on bike tires or not.

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Yeah, cheese. You're gonna have a heart attack holding it all in like that. You need to learn to let go and say what you really think! :laugh:
Who would ride on a patched tire? NOT ME - Sorry dude, but I replaced one after two days of riding on it. Broken it in one night, picked up a NAIL the next day! Now that SUCKS! :mad:
Ok! Ok! Thanks for the kicks in the butt! Thanks cheese for the slap. I decided to get the tire from the shop. The $200 is not worth it.
Good choice, the extra expense sucks though. I like the idea of going out and smoking it off then replacing it! :tounge: