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The Oracle

I ordered the Tail of the Dragon (volume one) DVD from the main site...

It is pretty good. Makes me wanna go BIGTIME! Anyway, I wish it was a bit longer (only about 35-40 minutes long).

I give it 4 stars (out of 5).

Also, it has some cool car stuff too.

Like I said, "to short."

i went there once, even got the t-shirt to prove it.  i passed a cop doing about 30 over the limit after crossing the double yellow, he didn't harrass me at all.  just kept on truckin. maybe we could organize a ride up there one of these days...  i have heard that it is a major speed trap though, but it really is hard to get going too fast with all those curves...

Me and 3 other riders are going tomorrow morning at 6 am (oct 22) sorry for late notice but everyones invited. Leaveing from ga at 6 am from corner of satellite blvd and steve roynolds blvd in gwinnett county. there is a quick trip their on the corner. you can email me if you need more info tru(underscore) I dropped my bike the first time  so now its round 2 (ding):blush:

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Been there done that. Really cool. Not a speed trap at all IMHO. The road is too tight to get too god aweful fast and there are few places for a cop to sit and clock except at the north end past the lookout and at the south perhaps at the "resort". I was there all day and saw one cop. But you better be on the lookout nonetheless. Speed limit is 35 and those that know the road and have the skills easily run it in the 50's or more avg.

I say chill out and enjoy the ride regardless of the speed you choose. It is a ball even doing the speed limit (dare I say), and at least slow down before you get to the lookout and the resort or you may get busted.

I question the speeds shown in the vid's simply because you can change a sprocket and make the speedo appear quite a bit faster. Still they are moving.

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