new on forum and 1st busa

sup new on the forum just registered last nite..took time to find this first bike was a 03 r6 rode for 2 years, took a year off from ridin when i sold the r6..i rode one of my buddys 04 busa a month ago and feel in love with how they ride and power...i sold my bagged s10 to buy 04 busa this passed saturday...


p.s. i have pics of the bike but dont know how to get them on here yet since im new but heres my myspace page u can see the pics on there til i learn how to post pics on there...

heres the link


Your Disease.....
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Welcome aboard...

Now post some pics of your Booza!!!

List the mods, etc.... because we ARE nosey!!!
You went from a R6 to a nitroused, airshifted, extended arm, full system 2004 Hayabusa? Nice, that's what i'm talking about. Welcome to the site.

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