New mods - part 1

(tjdobb @ Sep. 14 2006,08:23) Nice set up Pan. But go burn that old tire off first. Its alot of fun, just ask your idle BigD!!
mmmmmmmmmm....c'mon C, take that baby to the shop n tear it up behind the building if they'll let ya!
My mechanics didn't just let me a burnout-they held my camera!!! LoL!

mmmmmmmmmm....smells like- MANLINESS!

Looking good Pan  
 let me know how the 43 go's, thinking of that change myself.
(black954 @ Sep. 14 2006,04:53) The akrapovics look the best of any pipe, IMHO, but I had to go with what makes the most power. So far you have the colors I wanted and the exhaust I wanted, but for reasons I am stuck with what I have now.
Don't leave us hanging...what bolt-on did you find makes the most power....IYO?
Pan, it looks really nice...good job.

Since it does and it looks like you keep it in a garage with windows keep this in mind:

Common Thieve's Trick:
Thieves will/can knock out your garage door window, then with a pole and hook pull the release cord and walla, open sesame.

This goes for anyone with windows on their garage door.
Just got back.... and the Akropovics sound so deep and rich (almost cruiser-like in a way). The TRE definitely is noticeable. I'll post some pics taken outdoors a lil' later and give a review of the changes for anyone who's interested.
Looks awesome. That's what I like about the Yosh RS3's. They have a deep rumble. I've never heard Akropovics in person. Can anyone tell me if they sound like RS 3's?