New mods - part 1


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Well, I finally got my tre installed and also my new Akrapovic cans. I have not ridden the bike yet... just started it up to listen to the exhaust. It sounds great! Like a man's bike instead of the wimpy stock set-up! Plus it looks 10x better. For those that don't know, the Akrapovic cans have a very deep sound to them... a low rumble.

Tomorrow I'm getting new Dunlop Qualifiers put on and my Vortex 43 sprocket... and after that I'll do daytime pics. I ordered lowering links and risers so I can lower my bike 1" all around. I hope to get that done on Friday or Saturday...

The akrapovics look the best of any pipe, IMHO, but I had to go with what makes the most power. So far you have the colors I wanted and the exhaust I wanted, but for reasons I am stuck with what I have now.
Nice set up Pan. But go burn that old tire off first. Its alot of fun, just ask your idle BigD!!