New Hayabusa... problems already..hope it's simple ;)


Hello forum...

I just purchased a 2008' Hayabusa.. It has been sitting in the showroom since it has been new. Never ran... Anyways... I picked it up last Wednesday and after getting on the highway, it seemed the clutch was not fully disengaging and I would rev the motor and the bike would barely pull.... well, I took the first exit and came back to the dealership.

They took apart the clutch, obviously looked brand new... the mechanic bled a bit of the clutch fluid, thinking that perhaps after sitting for so long, the fluid expanded a bit... well... he put everything back together and away, he took it for a test run and all seemed good... and it was... I have since put 180 km on the bike and then I ran into the exact same problem... the clutch doesn't want to let go.. this time however, I was stranded on the side of the highway for a good hour.... in 1st gear the bike wouldn't even move...

After sitting for an hour, I was able to limp it home at 20 km/h!!! Now there is sits in my garage..... It's got to be a simple problem... any ideas?? I am obviously getting the dealership to haul the bike back to their shop...

Thks in advance...

Here's a pic of my new pride and joy....


You bought a new bike that has been sitting for 5-years in the showroom?? Yikes!

Check the clutch bolts on the basket and try bleeding the system again. Unless there was a problem from the factory, I would make the dealer come pick it up since it's under warranty...
I had a Katana for the last 4 years and have been going to this dealership... sitting on this busa every year.... contemplating..... I finally
bought it... Insurance is insane in Quebec, Canada..... maybe that's why it sat..... is it a bad thing that this bike has sat for so long? Did I buy
a lemon?

BTW... It is back at the dealer and they are bleeding the system and putting new DOT4.... will see.................. I am really frustrated...
I can't imagine a bike sitting for so long. You must have gotten a great deal. Definitely have the dealership run it through its paces before taking it back. And welcome to the .org!
Engine runs fine and revs properly in neutral or with clutch in, correct?
If that's the case my guess is yes it's something simple.

I'm wondering, not advising if, maybe a track style drag strip launch may unstick something?
It got gummed up over time from sitting and is stuck as F*** :laugh:
Oh and while its there if they didn't already do it have them change the oil as well.
I can't imagine them delivering you a bike with five year old oil in it?

But anyway super nice find! What a time machine!
I spoke to the tech yesterday and he said the oil was changed last year as it was sold and the buyer backed out... he said he t=was going to bleed all the clutch fluid out and replace...... and yes.. I think
I got a killer deal...... lets hope said deal is not jinxed.......and yes.... bike runs fine... starts on a dime.... sounds amazing I have been looking at this bike for
at least the last 4 years... while I was taking my Katana in for service...........................nuff said!!

thks for the replies guys....

Haha, I worshipped a 97 Zx11 for two years myself.
Didn't even have a bike but drove by it daily on my delivery route.
It was in front window up on pedestal like the guitar in Wayne's world.
Everyday I told myself 'oh yes one day I will own you' Nuff said :laugh:

You'll be ok.

But one would think they'd be happy to make you happy as you're buying an old leftover bike and change the oil? To have left even one year old oil in it would make me question their level of desire to satisfy you.
C'mon how much would that cost? And if their tech is scared of the fairings I can help him out with my tutorials here. :)
I would think that sitting for that long that possibly parts of the clutch fibers have dried out and it smoked the clutch. I would find it hard to believe that it has anything to do with the master cylinder or fluid in it.
Very nice! I used to have one just like it. I'm curious about how much something like that would sell for now. Mine was $9499 in February 2009.

Sounds like you don't really have a major issue, but definitely something to get worked out ASAP. I'd bet on what Justin said.
other things to consider with the bike that age is the service items listed on the 4 yr list...brake lines,fuel lines and so on are supposed to be changed....almost never done but worth asking about.
Clutch bleeding is usually needed to help change gear due to clutch drag rather than clutch slip...clutch pushrod sticking is more likely so the inner oil seal could be dried out and grabbing the rod.
Easy test would be that if it does slip again..have the clutch slave and pushrod removed and see it it still slips....if not its this whole area...if it does then get a new clutch kit fitted.
Doesn't matter how long it sat. It is still a brand new bike and the dealer is obligated to fix it. That includes replacement of all parts/fluid that have aged so as not to be useful any more. The periodic maintenance chart gives both a recommended mileage and a time period for maintenance. Yes, most of these things are based on a bike being ridden but some of them, like brake/clutch fluid replacement are not. I would say to the dealer, fix it or cancel the deal and go elsewhere. It sounds as if there may be more problems lurking due to "age" and you may want to walk away from this one and find another.

BTW, sounds like the master clutch cylinder may need to be rebuilt due to seals drying out or going bad. That would also apply to the front and rear brakes.
Okay... Got it back... Here was the problem... In the clutch lever... the pin that pushes the fluid was stuck in place.... The tech pulled it out and lubricated
it... put in back in and moved it back and forth until in was nicely lubed.... Just did another 200km today and all seems well... I am really pleased.

Make sure they did the recall on the wire harness that run up past the steering stem, it had to be re-routed to prevent a fault. Simple fix but should have already been done. I know it does not have anything to do with your clutch issue, just making you aware there was a recall on that and the rectifier if I remember correctly.
Glad it was an easy fix. I would ask the dealer to make sure all of the recalls have been done, there were 2 or 3 of them. Nice find on that bike too!